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Is Brushing and Flossing Different with a Bridge?
Posted on 10/15/2018 by Alyce
A bridge can be used to help replace one or more adjacent missing teeth. However, many patients find that they are unsure how to go about their normal oral hygiene routines. While you will still brush and floss your other natural teeth the way you always have, keeping a bridge clean is quite different, at least with regards to the flossing aspect. Can You Floss a Bridge? Of course, since the “teeth” in a bridge are connected to adjacent anchors, you cannot actually floss in between them. However, you can and most definitely should floss under the bridge itself. While this can be something of a challenge at first, with time you will get better at it. Eventually, it will come just as easily as flossing your natural teeth. Flossing Under Your Bridge To clean the area underneath your bridge, you will actually need to use a floss threader to get started. A floss threader has a loop on one end, which is used to pull the floss under the bridge. The floss threader is rigid enough that you can direct it from one side of the bridge to the other, where you thread the floss through the loop and then pull it back under the bridge. Once you have the dental floss threaded under the bridge, wrap one end around your pointer finger on each hand. Then proceed to gently move the floss along the gumline and up and down each side of the bridge. This will help remove food and bacteria which may have accumulated under the bridge. While it does take some time to get used to, eventually this habit will come easily to you. You may wish to spend some time watching how-to videos online if it helps you to visualize the process. Keep at it, and your mouth will stay healthy and clean....

Best Options to Drink for a Healthy Mouth
Posted on 9/23/2018 by Alyce
Staying hydrated is essential for good oral health. Saliva is how your body naturally protects your mouth from conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay. According to recent data, up to 70-percent of adults in the United States have some form of gum disease, which is extremely concerning to our dentists. Drinking plenty of liquids during the day is not only good for your overall health, but it can keep diseases at bay in your mouth and protects you from plaque growth that encourages the production of bacteria. The Best Drinks for Your Mouth There is no question that water is the best drink you can consume. It contains no sugars or preservatives, and its fat-free, cholesterol-free, and has zero calories. Water also provides the fluoride you need to protect your tooth's enamel if you live in an area that fluoridates the water supply. If you do not, then we offer fluoride treatments that have the same effect on your teeth. Milk is one of the best things you can add to your kid's diets because it's an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, both of which are essential for good oral health. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium more efficiently, and this can promote stronger teeth and gums. Commercially produced milk has one drawback, it contains a high amount of sugar. Green tea is another drink that has become more and more popular in the United States due to its many beneficial properties. Green tea is believed to fight cardiovascular disease and cancer, among other serious conditions. Moreover, a study conducted in 2009, concluded that drinking green tea regularly reduced the instances of periodontal disease. Researchers believe that the antioxidant catechin is responsible for these encouraging results. As you can see, there is no reason for not keeping your mouth hydrated, especially if you take medications that could dry out your salivary glands. Drinking plenty of water during the day can prevent the development of tooth decay and gum disease....

Besides Flossing, How Can You Get Items Out from Between Your Teeth?
Posted on 9/13/2018 by Alyce
You have probably heard that flossing is essential for your oral health and you should do it at least once a day. The main reason for flossing is that you can get to those hard to reach places where food gets stuck between your teeth. Even electric brushes will fail to reach those spots. Not flossing will put you at higher risk for cavities and gum disease. So, what other things can you do besides flossing to get items out from between your teeth? Food Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth. What Can You Do? You may be thinking you can use a toothpick or even a knife (gasp!) if you have a stubborn piece of food that doesn't want to move, stuck between your teeth while out and about, it can be a problem. It is a good idea to carry certain basics with you. Doing this works when you don't have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste or floss, for that matter. According to a survey of about 1,000 people, 61-percent of those questioned said they use their fingernails to get food pieces out from between their teeth, 21-percent said they folded a paper, 21-percent will use a knife or fork, and 7-percent take a piece of hair. These may be creative ways to get food out of your mouth, but some, like using kitchen utensils are not safe and could damage your teeth and gums. If pieces of food regularly get stuck between your teeth, you can be prepared by carrying sugarless gum and even floss with you when out and about. A water pick is a great item to invest in because it gets those stubborn items out from between your teeth and can improve your oral health when used daily....

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