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If the Bumps on Your Tongue Go Away, is That the Sign of a Problem?

Posted on 8/15/2019 by Alyce
If the Bumps on Your Tongue Go Away, is That the Sign of a Problem?Your tongue has a lot to say about your body's overall health. Although you probably won't even notice how your tongue feels most of the time, when it changes colors or becomes slightly painful it may be trying to warn you of something.

What Your Tongue's Color is Trying to Tell You

The color of your tongue should never be bright strawberry red. If it is, it's possible that you may be lacking vitamins such as B-12, folic acid, or iron. However, when your tongue is this color and you're running a high fever, you be tested for scarlet fever.

Your tongue also should never be white all over. This is a sign that you have oral thrush, which is a type of yeast infection. Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for an anti-fungal medication for this.

However, if there are only patches of white on your tongue this is leukoplakia – something you shouldn't worry about unless you're a smoker in which case it may be an indication that you're about to get cancer.

Another cause of concern occurs when your tongue starts growing black or brown hair all over it. This isn't actually hair, but cells that your tongue has grown before being able to shed them so bacteria get trapped therein. A lot of times this is caused by poor hygiene, poorly managed diabetes, or the overuse of antibiotics.

Red bumps may sometimes form on your tongue. When they're on top of your tongue, it's probably because your papillae are inflamed. However, if these red bumps don't go away, you may have oral cancer. This is something you should have checked as soon as possible.

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