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Composite Filling
Mesa, AZ

Fillings refers to a material that we use to fill in cavities after removing decay and to make small repairs in teeth. Our staff at Timothy H. Kindt, DDS uses a white blended quartz composite material to make these repairs and fill in missing portions of the tooth enamel. We can help you have a beautiful smile with hidden restorative work to give you a look of perfection.

We demand a lot of our teeth and because of that, damage can occur. Whether your teeth have been attacked from bacteria, chipped or fractured, we can cover the damage and restore the structure.

Common reasons for fillings include:
•  Filling Small to Medium Cavities: A cavity, or hole, can be created from bacteria eating away at our enamel. Our mouths are subject to decay causing bacteria from some many sources including things we consume and even from breathing the air around us. Bacteria sticks to plaque in our mouths which contains sugar. As the bacteria eats the sugar found in plaque, it then produces an acid that creates holes in our teeth known as caries or cavities. We remove the diseased portion, and as long as the damage is medium or small in size, we can fill it with composite filling material.
•  Make Simple Repairs: Composite filling can be used to make small or simple repairs to teeth. This includes repairing chips and fractures in teeth. We can even use it to fill in gaps between teeth and resurface teeth that have intrinsic stains such as fluorosis. This process is referred to as composite bonding, meaning using composite material to make repairs.

During your dental cleaning or exam we look for small cavities where decay has started to form. If we catch them small enough the repair work can be swift and easy. A goal of these appointments is to catch problems before they become a more painful or expensive one. Caries seem to be more common in children’s dentistry, so we will often recommend the placement of dental sealants in more sensitive locations.

Tooth Repair Procedure with Composite Material

Patients love composite fillings because the material can be shaded to match the coloring of your enamel. This means the repair is nearly invisible. The product used today is stronger and more durable, meaning the restoration should last for many years.

Before we begin treatment, our team will take steps to ensure your comfort. Most patients will find that a local anesthetic is appropriate for numbing the area being treated. For larger treatments, or for our more sensitive patients, we offer a variety of conscious sedatives to help. Sedation dentistry includes nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as laughing gas, and a variety of oral sedatives designed to induce a calming effect. We do not want our patients to feel unnecessary pain or discomfort.

With the patient comfortable, we can then proceed. We remove any decay or disease and then place the material. Another benefit of composite material is its ability to adhere to the enamel, meaning we only need to remove the diseased portion, we don’t need to reshape the tooth for placement. Once filled the work of artistry begins. We shape and mold the material to fit the area and blend in. The material is then hardened with a blue light for permanent adherence.

Restoring a tooth is important to your oral health. Our goal is to rebuild and restore your teeth when needed. Choosing to ignore disease could lead to extraction. If your tooth is sensitive for a week or more it is important to call our office at (480) 939-5818 so we can examine the tooth and determine if additional treatment is needed.
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Composite Fillings - Mesa, AZ • Timothy H. Kindt, DDS
Our staff at Timothy H. Kindt, DDS uses a white blended quartz composite material to make composite fillings and fill in missing portions of the tooth enamel.
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