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Composite Filling
Mesa, AZ

You can try out dental fillings if you are suffering from oral conditions like dental cavities because they help fill up cavities and prevent the spread of tooth decay.

Our experts at Timothy H. Kindt, DDS recommend dental fillings for patients with severe cavities. They will help stop the effects of this condition and restore your oral health.

Dental fillings are quite an effective procedure that has helped many of our Mesa, AZ patients.

What Is a Composite Filling?

A composite filling, also called a tooth colored filling, is a type of dental filling designed to blend in with your natural tooth. It is common in cosmetic dentistry.

While many people notice gold or silver dental fillings, a composite filling is made from resin to make it look as natural as possible.

Resin, which is a tooth-colored material, is used to make composite resin fillings.

When placing composite resin fillings in your mouth, we will remove the damaged part of your tooth and then fill it with composite resin. This makes it look natural as the material resembles your permanent teeth.

Composite fillings are popular because they restore the shape of your tooth and your natural smile. You will be able to smile with confidence as the damaged tooth will be fixed.

A composite filling does such a perfect job that you cannot tell there was ever a damaged tooth.

Our experts will perform this procedure and ensure you look stunning. Unlike most dental restorations, composite filling requires minimal effort and lasts longer.

How Long Do Composite Fillings Last?

Composite fillings last for about seven years. Given that composite fillings are chemically bonded with your surrounding tooth using an adhesive, they are durable and can last for many years.

If the composite fillings are smaller and you practice good oral health, they can last for over 10 years. You must ensure you take good care of the fillings to prevent physical damage.

Remember that the materials used for composite fillings are also those used to repair chipped teeth.

Besides, we use them to fill in small gaps between your teeth and keep them in excellent condition.

This is one of the reasons why composite fillings last for a long time.

What Are Composite Fillings Made Of?

Components fillings are made from resin, a durable plastic material used in many oral procedures. It is crucial to note that resin is also used in dental bonding and allows the system to match the surrounding tooth.

White blended quartz composite material is responsible for the natural color of fillings. It makes them look like natural teeth, making your smile more beautiful.

Apart from their durability, dental filling materials are designed to restore your tooth's shape, no matter the damage it has sustained. While composite resin fillings look like natural teeth, silver amalgam fillings have striking color that is easily noticeable.

This explains why amalgam fillings are not as popular as composite resin fillings.

Even though fillings made from other materials or other metals are equally effective, they might not be as natural as composite resin fillings.

Composite Filling FAQ's

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about composite fillings.

Are Composite Fillings Safe?

Composite fillings are safe and don't threaten your oral health.

According to the American Dental Association, there is no threat from composite fillings as they are made from non-toxic materials.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about any side effects when using composite fillings.

However, the ADA warns against using amalgam fillings, as they contain mercury that could affect oral health. This is not the case with composite fillings.

Are Composite Fillings Strong?

Composite fillings are strong because they are made from tough, durable materials. Even though resin doesn't have as much crushing strength as amalgam, it has sufficient structure to withstand biting pressures easily.

A composite filling is strong because it bonds to the whole tooth and creates a more solid structure. This makes your tooth more resistant to breaking than it would be the case with a silver amalgam filling.

Can Composite Fillings Last 20 Years?

Composite fillings cannot last up to 20 years. However, if you take good care of them, they can last over 10 years.

The average lifespan of composite filling is seven years, with several factors involved.

If you want your composite fillings to last longer, practice good oral hygiene and take good care of them.

Avoiding biting on extremely hard surfaces that can damage them.

Can Composite Bonding Fill Gaps?

Composite bonding can fill gaps. It is an effective and reliable way of filling gaps in your mouth and enhancing your smile. If you have gaps between your teeth or chipped edges on some of your teeth, composite bonding can help fix the situation.

It has strong resin material that makes it quite effective in filling gaps. However, you need to take good care of the composite bonding to prevent it from coming out. You should maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria.

You should avoid biting on hard surfaces as the bonding could move out of position.

Should I Use Composite Filling on My Molar?

It is not advisable to use composite fillings on your molars.

While composite fillings are made from high-quality materials that can work on any type of teeth, molars have hard chewing surfaces that can damage them. This makes them not suitable for composite fillings.

Can I Brush My Teeth After a Composite Filling?

You can brush your teeth after getting composite fillings. Good oral hygiene is essential for the durability of composite fillings. We recommend brushing and flossing your teeth as often as possible to keep them in good condition.

How Long After Composite Filling Can I Eat?

You should wait for two hours before eating after getting composite fillings.

This gives it sufficient time to heal and prevent the effects of local anesthetic. If you don't feel the effects of a local anesthetic, you can eat immediately after getting composite fillings.

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