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Sports Mouth Guard Mesa AZ

Many children play sports, an estimated 20 to 25 million in fact. About 10 to 20 percent of sports injuries are maxillofacial (jaw and face) in nature.

Dr. Kindt recommends custom made sports mouth guards to prevent these injuries.

It should also be noted that these are useful for our adult patients in the Mesa, AZ area that play sports as well. At Timothy H. Kindt, DDS, we can explain your various sports mouth guard options as well as cleaning tips for your mouth guard.

Understanding Dental Injuries in Sports

Unfortunately, different injuries can occur while playing sports, especially contact sports. A sports mouth guard helps not only to protect your child, but also to save money on dental bills. Sports mouth guards also reduce the chance of hurting the lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw.

Children should wear mouth guards when they play any sport, but especially contact sports. Teeth are susceptible to injuries such as fracture, avulsion, and luxation.

Avulsion is when the tooth is knocked completely out. Luxation is when the tooth remains in its socket but is now in the wrong position. These are painful and can become infected.

In addition, when tooth damage occurs, it can cut the inside of the lips or cheek. Mouth guards will prevent this from happening even if the tooth does somehow get damaged. Should the tooth be knocked out, it would be contained.

Head injuries are also reduced when playing with a mouth guard. This stabilizes the jaw to prevent jaw injuries and also reduces the impact felt by head injuries. Therefore, the risk of concussion is also reduced.

In most sports, you wear the mouth guard only on the upper teeth. It could be more protective to use it on both jaws, but it makes breathing and comfort less effective. However, in some sports like boxing that involve jaw impact from the blows, you can wear them on both the upper and lower teeth.

Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards

To recap, the main benefits of mouth guards are protection against teeth being broken or knocked out. Additionally, sports mouth guards also help protect from concussions, lessen the risk of cervical spine injuries, and prevent injury to the temporomandibular joint.

Types of Sports Mouth Guards

There are three different types of sports mouth guards available to you: stock, boil and bite, and custom-fitted.

Stock Mouth Guards

Stock and boil and bite mouth guards can be purchased from retailers online and in-person. These are cheaper options than custom mouth guards, but they are not as effective in preventing injury. Stock mouth guards all have the same shape and cannot form to your teeth. These mouth guards are all made of soft materials.

Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards

Boil and bite mouth guards form to your teeth after being heated in hot water, but it is not a perfect fit.

Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards, which we offer at , are the most expensive option, but they are also the most effective.

Sports Mouth Guard Procedure

Mouth guards are wearable devices that protect the teeth from blows to the head. They are typically formed out of soft and malleable plastics. Mouth guards work by cushioning the teeth during any hit or damage they may receive. By softening the impact, teeth are not hit directly, and teeth do not collide into each other.

The custom made sports mouth guards we provide at Timothy H. Kindt, DDS are modeled over an impression of your unique mouth and bite. We are able to make them thinner than their more cumbersome counterparts.

Sports Mouth Guard Care and Maintenance

You should bring your mouth guard to each of your routine appointments so that we can check the fit and address any issues that are of a concern. Generally, athletes will receive a new custom mouth guard every six months. This is especially important for youth athletes since their teeth are still developing and will inevitably change in structure.

The mouth guard should be washed on a daily basis and stored in its case when not in use. You will need to wash the mouth guard with soap and warm water. Using hot water may morph the material and change the fit, so warm water is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Children Use Sports Mouth Guards?

Yes. Everyone is eligible for wearing sports mouth guards. Due to the weary stability of kids, especially in skating sports, the American Dentist Association highly recommends the use of sports mouth guards. The good thing is the varieties available to choose from, that meet everyone's budget.

How Often Should I Replace My Sports Mouth Guard?

You might also be wondering when the right time to replace your sports mouth guards is. Every six months is ideal or after every season. Since the sports season and intensity may vary, it is crucial to consult us for the best time to do a replacement.

Can I Talk and Breathe Comfortably with a Mouth Guard In?

Readymade (or "stock") guards are affordable but often fit poorly. In turn, they can affect speaking, breathing, or talking. Boil and bite mouth guards fit slightly better, as it is warmed plastic, partially customized by your bite of them. Finally, custom-made mouth guards are the best fitting and are made by our dental specialists.

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Sports Mouth Guard Mesa AZ
There are several types of sports mouth guards & many crucial benefits for youth & adult athletes alike. Call our Mesa office to schedule a custom-fit!
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